This is ~MAGICAL BREW~ She is my sweet darling little Brew Ski Doo. She is tiny, weighing only 4Lbs. 3oz. Brew is an AKC/CKC/UKC registered show quality Chi. Brew is an exotic Chihuahua. Her coat is a beautiful BLUE, RED, and FAWN BRINDLE spotted on WHITE. She is the cobby type Chi. Her 7 generation pedigree has 34 champions in it. One being a Grand Champion. For those of you intersted in pedigree info. Champion Cam's Button Top Beau is Brew's Grand Sire.(He is also Grand Sire of Champion Stonehill Of All The Gall. Merit winner 2001 at Westminster). If you would like to see other relatives in her bloodline go to Brew is Retired now. She Lives with my Daughter Melissa, and her family. :)..............BREW HAS PRODUCED 3 WINNING SHOW DOGS IN ONE LITTER. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!! BREW IS RETIRED:):)
~GiGi~ GiGi's Registered name is ~Magical GiGi Lee Dinah~ "The G" weighs 4.8 pounds. She is the cobby type Chi. Gigi is an AKC/CKC/UKC registered show dog. A baby from Brew's first litter. GiGi has won BEST IN BREED 3 TIMES, AND BEST IN GROUP at AKC shows. She won Best in Breed in the very first show she was in. The ~G~ is beautiful, and she knows it!!! GiGi like her mother Brew is of the highest quality The ~G~ is our special little girl, and we love her so! While at a dog show in Chicago, I spoke to a Breeder/Handler. He told me that GiGi is what is called an EXOTIC Chihuahua. Her coat is white with very few markings, called a Water Colored Splash. The splashes of color swril around each other, and consist of 4 different shades of Fawn. they range from a Lemmon Fawn, to a Cream fawn, to a sandy Fawn, and a Golden Fawn. Also Big Beautiful GREEN EYES!!!! Gigi lives with my daughter Melissa and her Famly. GIGI IS RETIRED:):)
This is Yantra, she was proudly bred by Victory Chihuahuas. Yantra is Lakshmi's Little Girl. She is all grown up now, and she weighs just 3 pounds 10 oz. She is a Fabulous thick coated Long coat Chihuahua. Yantra's coat is a beautiful Light creamy Yellow called a lemon Fawn. She has Sparkling Green eyes, that just melt my heart. Yanny has a Perfect apple head, and Perfect body structure. Her conformation and temperment is excellent. Yantra is a Beautiful Show Quality Girl. She is of the very highest Quality. Just look how very, very Gorgeous she is. Her full registered name is " OM SHREE LAKSHMI'S YANTRA" It means.****THE ESSENCE OF LAKSHMI****. Yanny is my son Rob and his family's Chihuahua. Yantra loves to snuggle, and play with the Kids. They love her so very Dearly. Yantra is NOT for sale. YANTRA HAS NEVER BEEN BRED. SHE WILL NEVER BE BRED, SHE IS WAY TOO TINY.
~~ PRECIOUS BABY BLUE MAGIC ~~ A Sweeter dog you will never find! Precious is AKC/CKC/UKC registered. Her coat is a Beautiful Golden Fawn, with white markings. She loves to Cuddle, and Snuggle. She is an Ultra Tiny Little Girl weighing only 3 pounds. Precious has such a sweet spirit, and a loving nature . She is Awesomely Beautiful, and she has a Wonderful temperment. Precious belongs to my son Rob. And she lives with him and his family. MY SON WILL NEVER BREED PRECIOUS, SHE IS WAY TOO TINY. Precious is One of Brew's Kids. SHE IS AN ULTRA TINY GIRL. Precious was Proudly bred and born from our Brew here at VICTORY CHIHUAHUAS:):)
~LAKSHMI~ It has been a devastating blow to us as one of my dearest friends in the World, and our Beloved Family member Lakshmi has past away. Our sweet, Darling Daughter Lakshmi has been Ill for some time now, and I have nursed her and loved her every day, but even though her spirit was strong, her Little body just wore out, and she couldn't hold on any longer. When a loved one is Ill for a long time, a person believes they have prepared themselves for the loss of the loved one when the time comes. But that is not true. you can never really prepare yourself for it. All I can say is our Family is broken without you My Dear Girl. Your soul is free now my Baby girl. You were One of a Kind....Truly One of a Kind. We will hold you in our Hearts Forever Lakshmi, with all our memories of you stored there. Everyone who ever met you Loved You, and you loved them.
Love Mom, Dad, Sister Melissa, Brother Robby, And every Fur Child who ever met you
This is Paige. She is a Magnificent Blue Merle Girl. Her full registered name is
VICTORY'S LOCH-AH-PAIGE. It is a Scottish name, and it means DEEP-BLUE-BEAUTY. She is AKC and CKC registered, with a wonderful Pedigree, and she is Awesome. Paige weighs 6 pounds. Not only is she Absoultely Gorgeous, but her personality is Beyond Spectacular. She loves to run and play in the yard, She loves playing with her toys, and she makes me laugh every day, and she loves to snuggle with me on the couch too. Paige is so out going and Friendly. Everyone just Loves her. She is Very Intelligent Also, she learns everything Quickly, even that she can get her way, and get a treat from me, when she sits next to me, touches my hand softly with her paw, and stares lovingly into my She has learned that this just melts my heart, and I will give her what ever she We certainly Love our Little Loch-Ah-Paige more than I can say. I feel Good Luck has Really Blessed me, the Day I got my sweet, Wonderful Paige!!!!!!!!
UPDATE..11/10/09.. Paige is Miss September in the 2010 Chihuahua Calendar. We have a Little celebrity in our home. We are truly so Proud of her!!!!!!!!

I want to take a minute to thank everyone once again that has sent me such wonderful emails congratulating us on our Sweet Little Paige Winning Miss September in the 2010 Chihuahua Calendar.
I am Happy to know we have so many wonderful friends, family members, and other Chihuahua Lovers that are truly happy for us.

This Beautiful girls name is
**JOURNEY BETWEEN THE WORLDS** She has a very Prestigious Pedigree, and Journey is Champion Grand Sired. There are 2 reasons we named her **Journey Between The Worlds** the first reason is.. it was a bit of a journey for us to go and pick her up, but the main reason is that she was born just before Halloween. I am Scottish-Irish.. (Celtic.) and I believe in the old Irish tale, that talks about the veil between the worlds being thin , and how True Magic is alive around the time of All Hallows Eve..(Halloween) So I just had to name her Journey Between The Worlds. She is True Magic to me. Journey is a Gorgeous Blue Merle Girl, with the marvelous Irish markings. She has a Gorgeous head, and Wonderful conformation. She has those Big Beautiful Jet Black Chihuahua Eyes. She is a Flashy Little Kid. A true Exotic. She weighs 5 pounds. She is a Sweetheart, and one of the most Beautiful Merles I have ever seen. One of her favorite things to do is running and playing outside. And OH GOD, she is such a Smart Girl!! Journey is AKC registered, and has a very prestigious Pedigree, with 38 champions in her 8 Generation Pedigree, including her Grandpa who is a Grand Champion. Ch. Burgundys Shaunicove Carlos. We are Super excited to have this Little girl. We love her so very Dearly. She is the Magical Journey I have been searching for!!!!!!!!
When she was a Baby*
All grown up. She is a Magnificently Gorgeous Girl. She weighs just 4 pounds and 14 oz.
**IN A LAND CALLED HONAHLEE** Honahlee is Beyond Gorgeous. She is a long coat White, with some spalashes of Fawn. She has the perfect dark pigment. Hypnotic black eyes that will melt your heart. Honahlee is AKC and CKC registered. And she has perfect temperment and conformation. Honahlee weighs just 6 pounds, And You can see just how beautiful she is, and such a sweetheart too. We are Super excited for this Little Girl to be mated, and give us Babies because she has a very Prestigious Pedigree, boasting 22 Champions on her Daddy's side of the family, and 39 Champions on her Mama's side, all in the last 3 generations of her pedigree. , and her Grandpa is the Prestigious ****CH. Hurd's Prom Knight****, and Great Grandpa**** CH. Quachitah Beau Chiene****. And ****CH Misalou's Mir Mir On The Wall****Is Great Grandpa on her Moms side. Wow what a kid she is!!!!!!!! Honahlee belongs to my son Robert and lives with his family. They love her so very Dearly. My son says She is an absoulte Angel, and a Joy to have around. She is so Very, Perfect. A super friendly Little Girl.We are All Beyond Thrilled about Our Honahlee!!!!!!!! She is an Absoulte Beauty!!!!!!!!
Here are several pics of Our Darling Little Girl Truly, as she is growing up. And OH..MY..GOD..She is now Fully Grown and she weighs about 3 pounds. She has Grown up just Beyond Gorgeous. Her Full AKC registered name is
**Victory's Truly Beyond Perfect** And just Like her name she Definetely is Truly Beyond Perfect. Born and Bred here at Victory Chihuahuas, We are Beyond Thrilled About this Little Girl. She comes from Championship Bloodlines, and as you can see for yourself she is Show Quality. She is the most Perfect Quality Merle Chihuahua I have ever seen, and I challenge anyone to show me a more Perfect Chihuahua. I am very excited to see the Gorgeous Puppies she will have for us in the future. She has Many, Many Champions in her Pedigree, and comes from small Bloodlines also.
UPDATE....Below are new Pictures of Our Gorgeous, Perfect Truly. All Grown up now. At a year and a half old, She weighs just a little over 3 pounds. We hope to breed her soon. But she is pretty Tiny, so we are not certain we are breeding her. As you can see she is Show Quality. So VERY Perfect....Her full AKC registered name really fits her...."VICTORY'S TRULY BEYOND PERFECT"